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SIMPLY DELICIOUS LIVING WITH MARYANN® is dedicated to sharing healthy living and sustainable and inspiring body, mind, spirit content. SUSTAINABILITY NOW NEWS covers happenings & events (with a focus on the four pillars of sustainability — Cultural, Environmental, Economic, and Social). Both series are produced, written & hosted by Maryann Ridini Spencer, an Award-Winning Author, Screenwriter and Producer, Lifestyle Journalist, Recipe Developer, and Chef. The shows, which have received numerous accolades and awards, are broadcast as follows:  Simply Delicious Living can be seen on KVCR PBS-TV (Southern California), DirecTV and Dish Network, Roku (Simply Delicious Living Channel), CAPS Media/Channel 6 (Ventura, CA), and Sustainability Now News is broadcast within the Simply Delicious Living block of programming on CAPS Media/Channel 6, Roku (Simply Delicious Living Channel), and at Sustainability Now News is also broadcast on KPPQ FM RADIO 104.1 (Ventura, CA) and runs as a PRINT column in the Ventura Breeze newspaper. Visit:

“Making a difference one bottle at a time” is The Refill Shoppe’s motto. Owner of the bath, body, home, and clean shop located in downtown Ventura, Michelle Stevens, had an ah-ha moment thanks to a pretty olive oil bottle. LISTEN to this Sustainability Now News interview. Michelle talks with host Maryann Ridini Spencer about her sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly business practices.

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