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Be Your Own Princess Charming - Maryann talks to Author and Ring Shui Expert Barbara Berg

Are you waiting (or looking) for your "Prince Charming" to sweep you off your feet and take care of you now and forever?   Simply Delicious Living.TV's Maryann Ridini Spencer talks to Barbara Berg, Author, Ring Shui Expert  and Licensed Clinical Therapist, about the importance of "How to be your own Princess Charming" (With or without the Prince!), by financially planning for your future today. 

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5 Great Summer Retreats

Vacations and breaks in our routines are great for body-mind-spirit rejuvenation.  They also allow a person to regroup and reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, family and friends.

In this podcast, SimplyDeliciousLiving.TV's host, Maryann Ridini Spencer, shares 5 Great Summer Retreat ideas.

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